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  • プリンジャム

  • GERO琥珀

  • サングリア

  • ほんわかプリン

  • 温玉さぼん



A fusion of a soft-boiled egg prepared in the Gero hot springs with cold soft-serve ice cream!
Please mix it well with brown rice flakes before eating. The "Ontama-soft ", with is mysterious texture and flavor, is very popular now and our shop's number one confection!


A smooth, thick pudding made specially by Yuamiya with the utmost care using carefully selected ingredients such as Gero milk and eggs produced in Takayama. At our shop you can enjoy a pudding that has been warmed in the "Gero hot spring". In addition to plain and chocolate, we also offer seasonally exclusive flavors.


At the Yuamiya shop there is a free foot bath that anyone can use 24 hours a day. This water is pure and genuine Gero hot springs water. Even if you are only in Gero for the day, you can still enjoy the Gero hot springs. Spending time with your friends, family, or that special someone eating Yuamiya sweets while enjoying the foot bath is sure to be a great memory of Gero hot springs.


Yuamiya hot springs cosmetics, created from the Gero hot springs We offer lots of hot springs cosmetics at Yuamiya, including "Ontama-Savon", a soap which includes hot spring water and is gentle on your skin, and a "Konjac Puff" which will make your skin smooth simply by rubbing it. Use Yuamiya's hot spring cosmetics to make your skin silky smooth!


Access to YuamiyaYuamiya s is located on a corner in the Gero hot springs quarter. It is next to the hot spring shrine, and right beside the statue of the Charlie Chaplin.
※There is no parking, so please use public transportation or municipal parking.

801-2 Yunoshima, Gero-shi, Gifu-ken
TEL/FAX 0576-25-6040

Hours of operation
Summer (April-November) 9:00~21:00
Winter (December-March) 9:00~18:30